Death Becomes Us: The Happy Phantoms

The Happy Phantoms Collective (founded 2019): a creative team who probe difficult and provocative themes that haunt the human experience.

Founding Members:

Ming Hon + Natasha Torres-Garner + Tanja Woloshen + Mia van Leeuwen

Our pilot project – *Death Becomes Us: The Artist’s Perspective – is initiated by co-founding member Mia van Leeuwen.  Inspired by the Death Positive Movement, and the ancient practice of Momento Mori, the work engages in death studies research, philosophical contemplation, collaborative practice and artistic inquiry. Ultimately, this project is sparked by each collective member and their personal relationship to death; the development of content is shaped by the events of 2020 – the year of perfect vision.

More information coming soon …

*with generous support from The Manitoba Arts Council / CREATE Grant.

Permutations of a Ghost: in images

series 1.4 – phantoms in the park (Fraser’s Grove, Winnipeg, July 2020)

series 1.3 – phantoms studio shoot (The Exchange, Winnipeg, July 2020)

series 1.2 – without you

image by Mia and Mandy van Leeuwen + Christopher Lawless, Garson, MB, June 2020

series 1.1 – ghosting Lake Winnipeg

image with Andrew Rabyniuk