A socially distanced immersive experience that was born creatively, intuitively, aesthetically, and ritually, from the necessity of adhering to restrictions as a result of the global pandemic.  Inspired by the seven deadly sins, solo audience members were guided through a labyrinthine world where Sloth, Pride, Lust, Envy, Greed, Wrath and Gluttony are reimagined into a series of installations. A funhouse of the subconscious, reflecting on various themes including transgression, redemption, consumption, religion, disease and excess.

Created  by Jay Whitehead, Kathy Zaborsky, Anastasia Siceac, Deonie Hudson, Lee Burckes & Mia van Leeuwen (co-director). Produced by Theatre Outre @ ​Didi’s Playhaus, October-November, 2020