Fragmenti (Alexis Kochan/Paris to Kyiv)

On May 14th (2016) the CD release of the Fragmenti Remixes took place at the Actual Gallery in Winnipeg. Paris To Kyiv’s Fragmenti recording was originally released in 2005, a sonic tapestry of ancient Ukrainian song fragments and contemporary sounds. Nearly 11 years later, after circulating throughout the roster of artists on Balanced Records, a remix album has been compiled featuring electronic and avant garde interpretations by Ken Gregory, Joe Silva, Rise Ashen, Kasm, J57, Solidaze, Cayetano, Miguel Graça, Trevor Walker and Anders Peterson. 

A live performance/collaboration with Paris To Kyiv founder and vocalist Alexis Kochan, sound artist Ken F J Gregory and performer Mia Star van Leeuwen with choreographer Tanja Faylene. Two short films by Danishka Esterhazy featuring Paris To Kyiv’s music (The Red Hood & music video to Joe Silva’s remix) were also shown. (Pictures courtesy of Ian Walsh).