An adaptation of characters and logic from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

John Tasker as “Mary Ann” (?) Photo by Jaime Vedres

University of Lethbridge Main Stage Season, 2018

Facilitated by Mia van Leeuwen

Assisted directed by Braedan Pettigrew and Alex Watz

Created by students Madeline Smith, Austin Halarewich, Sheadene Morrison, Kaitlyn Olfert, Heather Gallipeau, Corey Ariss, Emily Boyes, Katie Boyes, Dada Oluseyi, Katrina Holoboff, Brook Hopfner, Charlotte Hurdman, Mali King, Alyssa Latimer, Trevor Loman, Will Nevada, Daniel Perryman, Jake Rose, Anastasia Siceac, John Tasker, and Kayla Turnbull

+ Gail Hanrahan as The Red Queen

Sound Designer: Gordon Tocher, Title Projection Designer: Connor Fedoroshyn, Lighting Design: Lee Burckes,  Scenic Design: Dave Smith, Costume Design: Julia Wasilewski and Stage Management: Tyler Strang

Production images: Jaime Vedres

In this adaptation of ALICE we explored the original characters through a devised theatre process, spinning them into collages and re-imagining their words + worlds. The majority of the text created for the production has been adapted by the students into their own writing. For the role of Alice, we multiplied her representation, allowing for five different variations to play out.

Furthermore, as this story is one that is greatly adapted, working with found objects and clothing, most of which existed in our theatre storage, was thematically important to point to the heavy recycling of this tale; adding our own twists and turns (and mannequin limbs!) along the way. Also, as director, I wanted to embrace the dream narrative, creating a performance journey that stays true, not only to the bizarre logic of Wonderland, but to the puzzling logic found in our dreams.