How to Raise a Ghost?

How to Raise a Ghost? >>> an ambitious research-creation project that explores the artist’s role in death, dying and memorial practices. Inspired by the Death Positive Movement, and the ancient practice of Momento Mori, the work seeks multi-perspectivism on the subject by engaging in death studies research, philosophical contemplation, collaborative practice, interviews and artistic inquiry. more information coming soon …

image by Nancy Sandercock and John Bellucci (Los Angeles, July 2020)


with collaborator Nancy Sandercock, Los Angeles, CA (July 2019)

Phase I photos by Mia van Leeuwen & Nancy Sandercock


with collaborators Ekida Laurie, Annie Martin, Andrew Stewart, Jorge Sandoval, Julia Wasilewski, Lethbridge, AB (Feb-March 2020)

Phase II photos by Amber Morrison, The Southern Alberta Art Gallery (SAAG)

PHASE III: How do you a raise a ghost during COVID-19, 2020?

A long-distance collaboration.

images by Nancy Sandercock & John Bellucci